Materi Pendidikan
Pelatihan Basic Urological Procedural Skills
Materi Unduh Materi
Resuscitation, fluid therapy, and electrolyte correction Unduh
Sepsis and Its Management Unduh
Incision and Patient Positioning for Urological Procedure Unduh
Perioperative Nutrition Unduh
Safety Measure and Instrument Handling, Knots Tying Unduh
Suture Materials and Selection, Incision and basic Suturing Techniques Unduh
Radiological anatomy of pelvis, urinary tract, and male reproductive system Unduh
Physical Examination in Urology Unduh
Principal of Catheter Insertion (Permanent and Intermittent) Unduh
Principal of Wound and Stoma Care Unduh
Principal of Percutaneous Cystostomy Insertion, and Suprapublic Puncture Unduh
Principal of Percutaneous Nephrostomy Insertion Unduh
Pelatihan Basic Laparoscopy and Suturing in Urology
Materi Unduh Materi
Equipment and Instrumentation Unduh
Safe use of energy (mono and bipolar cautery) Unduh
Introduction to Hand Eye coordination practice & Wet Lab Unduh
Approaches in Laparoscopy Unduh
Role of Laparoscopy in Undescendent Testis/ Disorder of Sexual Development Unduh
History and Advances of Laparoscopy in Urology Unduh
OR Set Up in Laparoscopic surgery Unduh
Insufflation, positioning of trocars, and open laparoscopy Unduh
Tips and trick in intracorporeal suturing Unduh
Tenckhoff catheter insertion Unduh
Laparoscopic Procedures in Kidney Cyst Unduh
Laparoscopic Procedures in Ureteral Stone Unduh
Laparoscopic Procedures in Nephrectomy Unduh
Pelatihan Basic Practice Cystoscopy and Urodynamic Workshop in Urology
Materi Unduh Materi
History of Cystoscopy Unduh
Preoperative Preparations of Cystoscopy Unduh
Cystoscopy Instruments Unduh
Cystoscopy Techniques Unduh
Urodynamic Unduh
Protection Against Radiation Unduh
Contrast Study in Urology (VCUG, Urethrocystography, RPG/APG) Unduh
Bipolar, RPG, APG Technique Unduh
Urodynamic Technique Unduh
Pelatihan Basic Practice Ultrasound in Urology
Materi Unduh Materi
The Principle of Ultrasound Unduh
Renal USG Unduh
Prostate USG Unduh
Bladder USG Unduh
Scrotal USG Unduh
Pelatihan Basic Endo-Urology: Trans-Urethral Resection of The Prostate (TURP) & Uretrorenoscopy (URS)
Materi Unduh Materi
History of URS Unduh
History of TURP & TURP Instrument Unduh
Preoperative preparation of TURP Unduh
TURP Techniques Unduh
TURP Risk & Complication Unduh
Preoperative preparations of URS Unduh
Instruments of URS Unduh
URS Risks and Complications Unduh
URS Techniques Unduh
Comparison of dilators: mini PCNL vs Standar PCNL Unduh
Positioning during PCNL: prone vs supine Unduh